Coaching program

The way toward feeling better

Coaching Program

The way toward feeling better

For whom?

“Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is more painful as being stuck somewhere you don’t belong”

This Coaching program is for you if you struggle with certain difficult emotions or feel that life is sometimes heavier and more complicated than you would like. 

You wish that certain things wouldn't affect you as much, but somehow you can't seem to let them go.

The reason you are here

You long for a light and unimpeded life and feel that it is time to confront yourself. Yes, that's a bit nerve-racking, vulnerable, and it might hurt, but you're ready, because the struggle has lasted long enough.

The three steps toward feeling better

  1. Relax – You can only heal and recover if you first take a step back.


  2. Restore – You can't recharge until you know the pain through which your energy is leaking.


  3. Recharge – In order to live a lighter life, you need to know what really makes you happy.

The route toward Emotional Resilience


Learn to timely recognize painful emotions when they present themselves and get in the way. So that you are more in touch with yourself.


Learn to allow painful emotions and let go of your resistance to them. So that you are less bothered by them and have more energy for other things.


Learn the meaning and function of the painful emotions that keep recurring in your life so that you can harness their power and grow.


Learn how to regulate painful emotions and shorten your recovery time so that you can live a light and extraordinary life.

What's in it for you?

What's in it for you?

The Coaching Program

When you start working with me, you will receive a coaching program that is completely tailored to you. Focused on your unique situation. 

During this 2 month-program we work together weekly on living light and feeling good.

The program consists of

  • 8 online coaching sessions of 55 minutes
  • An inspiring book
  • A personal journal
  • Email support
  • The option of long term guidance


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I have learned to identify what I feel and need and to set boundaries to the people around me. In addition, I started dreaming again and started actively developing myself. I have become curious about myself again!
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I experience Lennart's guidance as very positive, supportive, helpful and safe. He responds adequately and sharply to the things I say, both verbally and non-verbally. Lennart, you are an example for all coaches and psychologists. Professional and human in a natural balance!
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The three most important things I've learned are: I learned to express my needs and stand up for myself. I have learned how to make better life choices. And I learned to let go of my need for control. Working with you has changed my life! 5 stars! Thanks for everything.
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Just talking to Lennart a few times completely changed my mindset. My anger disappeared and with it slowly the sadness and loneliness. He taught me to look at myself in a completely different way. His coaching gave me a clear view of the future again!
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I look forward to our conversations every week because I always learn something new. A whole new world opened up to me that I would not have found on the internet or in books and articles myself.
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I think it's extraordinary that you manage to bring out more and more in me every week and let me discover my feelings. I've said it so many times, but thank you Lennart for being here for me.
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This coaching program has brought me a lot. Most importantly my confidence has increased and is still growing. Lennart has taught me to reconnect and deal with my feelings and I am learning to put words to them so I can express myself.
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This couples coaching was just what we needed. We felt challenged to actually do something with the things we heard and learned during the sessions. And that has greatly improved our relationship.
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Lennart makes me look at things differently. I now dare to stand up for myself. I am more aware of how I feel and what I need. This allows me to make better choices and decisions, and to let go of control every now and then. What a relief!

Feeling inspired?

Schedule your intake below. We will first go over your situation and determine where you are now and where you want to go. We also calmly discuss all practical details. If I am convinced that I can help you, I will give you a proposal for a coaching program. 

The intake takes place via Zoom and takes about 30 minutes.

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